"Maggi" diet

The Maggi diet is a protein diet. Her "mistress" is considered to be Margaret Thatcher, for whom she was developed by the best American nutritionists. According to the "iron lady" herself, it was this nutritional option that helped her keep her figure in perfect shape for many years, hence the name child: the abbreviated name Margaret.

Egg on the Maggi diet menu

Of course, over time, the diet changed due to the fact that many products became available, which in the years of the Baron's youth ordinary people could not find. The most important condition for successful weight loss with Maggi is strict adherence to the menu: you can exclude this or that product from it, but you cannot change them.

This diet is also called "egg" because people who follow it eat a lot of eggs, but it has a lot of other protein foods. Thatcher herself said she eats about thirty chicken eggs a week. In my opinion, this is a lot, so we will not go to extremes and we will balance the menu so that none of the recommended products cause disgust.
Its efficiency in "stressful" reduction of carbohydrates, in which, however, we will not starve, because it is pleasant to eat fruit, meat, dairy products.

Another secret described by the child is that meals are takenstrictly at the same time every day, whether it is a day off or a working day. If you sit at breakfast five days a week, say, at nine in the morning, stick to it the rest of the day. The amount eaten is exactly the same as indicated in the menu. There’s nothing complicated here: no calorie counting, no hunger strike. But determination and perseverance are not superfluous here.

Contraindications to the "Maggi" diet

  • Gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Pressure too low or too high.
  • During pregnancy, breastfeeding.
  • Allergy sufferers, provided the allergen is present in one of the recommended foods: either eggs, citrus or cow protein.

If a "breakdown" occurs, you must restart your diet.
As with any other diet, I recommend exercising in the gym and long walks, drinking plenty of water: it is necessary to tone muscles, speed up metabolism, and then you will not only get rid of fat that bored you, you will become the ownerathletic figures and strong immunity.

The initial weight plays a big role: the more extra pounds, the more they will have for each week. And vice versa: if you want to lose about 5 pounds, then it will take about two to three weeks, but weight loss will not become sudden and dangerous to your health, and thanks to its gradual reduction and regular sports activities, you will not have "excess" skin that sometimes lookseven less aesthetically pleasing than excess fat.

According to the reviews of people who lasted until the end of "Maggi" for a month (with a large initial weight), you can lose fifteen or even twenty kilograms. Since this is considered a very dramatic weight loss, I advise you to keep a diet once a year, for example, to lose weight by summer. Competent "getting out" of any child is also very important: if after a while you return to your previous sedentary lifestyle and improper diet, then your weight will return and "bring friends". If you follow some simple "exit" rules, then the weight will not only not return, but will also be slightly reduced.

So, the way out of the Maggi diet:

  • One of the possibilities, he is the best, most efficient and most correct - is to go right to the right diet. Adhering to all rules and regulations. Then you can forget about extra pounds forever.
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Another optionis ​​to continue to use the foods you ate during your diet. One or more - it doesn't matter. For example, you can continue to eat grapefruit, tangerines, cottage cheese. Include them in your menu for at least a few more weeks and your weight will stay the same.
  • And the third option:start adhering to the diet according to the "Minus 60" weight loss system. But for the next fourteen days after our weight loss marathon you will have to limit yourself to the use of sweets and harmfulness.

Let me remind you that, of course, alcohol should becompletely eliminated.

This diet belongs to the "chemicals": a certain combination of foods provokes the emergence of chemical processes in the body that actively burn available fat.

We completely exclude from the menu all bakery products, pasta, cereals, potatoes - these are carbohydrates, which will not allow the body to start using fats. Of course, we exclude fatty meat.

Below I give me a month, which is based on personal experience, in twenty-eight days I lost 9 pounds, despite the fact that I do not have too much extra pounds. Buy a kitchen scale and do not deviate from the mass of the finished dish that I have indicated. If weight is not on the menu, then food can be eaten in any quantity.

Maggi diet menu for 4 weeks

For the first fourteen days we have breakfast with a few boiled eggs and half a large lemon.

First week.

Day 1.Lunch: fruit listed below.
Dinner: fried, cooked, roasted white meat, 250 grams.

Day 2.
Lunch: any kind of white meat, 200 grams.
Dinner: simple salad: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce leaves, only 150 grams. Grapefruit or orange, croutons, a couple of eggs.

Day 3.
Lunch: one crouton, not very greasy cheese, a couple of tomatoes, lettuce leaves.
Dinner: Meat, cook as desired, 250 grams.

Day 4.
Lunch: consists of fruit.
Dinner: salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, a total of 150 grams;
any type of poultry, 250 grams.

Day 5.
Lunch: Maximum 2 boiled eggs, vegetables cooked in water, such as green peas (can be mashed), beans in beans, zucchini, carrots. Only 250 grams.
Dinner: boiled fish, 250 grams. The salad is the same as in previous days, today it weighs 150 grams. Pomelo.

Day 6.
Lunch: fruit. Anything you want.
Dinner: steamed meat, 200 grams. One pink tomato.

Day 7.
Lunch: diet meat, 250 grams, with cooked vegetables, which can be eaten only 150 grams. Medium grapefruit.
Dinner: steamed or steamed carrots, zucchini, green peas. 150 grams.

Second week.

Day 1.
Lunch: Meat, cooked as desired, 250 grams. All the same salad, 200 grams.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, one grapefruit.

Day 2.
Lunch: 200 grams of cooked chicken breast, 200 grams of cucumber, tomato, pepper salad.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, one grapefruit.

Day 3.
Lunch: 200 grams of roasted meat, one tomato.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, one grapefruit.

Day 4.
Lunch: 200 grams of low-fat cheese, 150 grams of cooked vegetables.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, orange.

Day 5.
Lunch: cooked or fried seafood (fish, squid, shrimp) 200 grams.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, tomato.

Day 6.
Lunch: 200 grams of cooked or roasted meat (preferably beef), lettuce.
Dinner: fruit (you can eat as much as you want and whatever, except those that are strictly forbidden in this diet, below I will give a list of forbidden fruits and vegetables, along with recipes)

Day 7.
Lunch: any piece of chicken in any cooking option, 250 grams. Two tomatoes, one orange.
Dinner: one large citrus, cooked meat 150 grams, boiled green peas 50 grams.

Third week.

Introducing more vegetables and fruits this week. We will eat them all day, at regular intervals.

Day 1.
Fruit in any quantity.

Day 2.
Vegetables. As much as you want, there is no need to overcome hunger. If you wanted to eat a pound of apples, they ate it. Cooked vegetables or in salads.

Day 3.
Vegetables and fruits. Salads, stews, whatever you want.

Day 4.
Vitamin salad (cabbage, cucumber, carrot), 250 grams of cooked white chicken. Cook the vegetables.

Day 5.
250 grams of cooked fish, 150 grams of cooked vegetables.

Day 6.
We eat grapefruit and apples all day.

Day 7.
One piece of fruit. But in unlimited quantities.

Week 4.

In the last week we eat food whenever we want and in the amount you personally need, but we strictly adhere to the type of food we should eat on a particular day, it is not worth replacing products at our discretion, even similar ones.

Day 1.
200 grams of cooked chicken breast, 600 grams of cucumber and tomato salad, pomelo or grapefruit, small croutons.

Day 2.
200 grams of meat cooked in salted water, croutons, one fruit of your choice, cucumber and tomato salad 600 grams.

Day 3.
Salad: cucumbers and tomatoes, today 300 grams. One citrus, croutons, 150 grams of steamed vegetables, 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

Day 4.
One large chicken breast, cucumber and tomato salad: 150 grams, one citrus fruit.

Day 5.
Two tomatoes, iceberg leaves, one citrus and of course eggs.

Day 6.
300 grams of cooked chicken fillet, about one hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese, one crouton, cucumber, 200 ml of kefir 0. 1%, one citrus fruit.

Day 7.
200 grams of any fish, just not greasy. Prepared as you wish. Already known salad: cucumbers and tomatoes, only 300 grams, one crouton, one citrus fruit.

It was said above about leaving the diet, now more about the nuances of cooking: salt and other natural spices, onions, garlic can be added to dishes. All salads are not overcooked with anything, we cook everything hot without oil and other fats. The products are allowed to cook in a double boiler, so that they perfectly retain their useful properties.

Allowed vegetables include:zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peas, eggplants. No potatoes and corn!

Fruit: everything except bananas, grapes, mangoes, dried fruits. We put citrus fruits.

You should also completely eliminate grains and pasta.

Remember that you cannot drink water or tea during a meal, this should be done between meals, without adding sugar, honey and other sweets. You can substitute sugar.

Baked fish - a dietary dish

Diet recipes

Baked fishin the oven is a great cooking option for those who follow a diet, especially protein. To do this, you only need to peel, wash, salt and wrap in foil. Bake for forty minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your fish. Lemon juice can be added if desired.

Chicken breastCooking is even faster and easier: whisk it well with a hammer and fry in a dry pan for 3-4 minutes on each side.

Vegetablescan only be cooked in water. Moreover, choose only one type for each meal. Cut the zucchini into cubes, add salt, a little pepper mixture and place on the stove. You can slightly diversify the taste with fresh herbs.

Fruit SaladLet’s pamper ourselves on days when it’s not indicated that you can only eat citrus: cut a pear, apple into cubes, divide a tangerine into slices, add a melon in season, season everything with lemon juice. . .

Meatis ​​best cooked if it is beef. And roast if it’s pork. Because beef is tough and dry meat, and pork, even its lean parts, is softer. Rub the pork chop with a mixture of salt and pepper and fry in a pan without oil. Or bake in foil in the oven.

Diet is very effective, you just want to become slim and strictly follow the rules.

"Maggi" diet - once again about leaving the diet

How to save the obtained results? You just need to get out of the "Maggi" diet properly. You can stick to the points below and your result will delight you for a very long time:

  • After finishing the diet you should be more careful with high-calorie foods, it is desirable to eat less.
  • products you like enter the diet in stages.
  • For the first 1-2 weeks after the diet, try to eat the foods you ate on the Maggi diet.
  • also, 1-2 weeks after the diet, give up sweet, fatty, flour and spicy foods.
  • use the same amount of water as for the Maggi child.
  • Try not to eat for three or four hours before bed.
  • Well, if possible, engage in physical activities while walking in the fresh air.